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.NET Framework 6.0: The Ultimate .NET for Windows Development

However, that download link is hard encoded for 6.0.7 - we are trying to build a knowledge base article for our software but worried after a few weeks the link we are sending out the .NET Desktop Runtimes will be out of date and we would like them to get the latest version from us.

I've been struggling to change an core web api project's target framework to .NET 6 which was started using target framework .net5. I've already tried a few options but couldn't find the .NET 6 framework listed in the target dropdown.

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I have created a simple Hello World application using Visual Studio 2022. The application is a WPF application that targets the .NET 6.0 framework. There is no code, just a "Hello World" TextBlock in MainWindow.xaml. When I try running the binaries on a Windows 10 machine, I get the following message box:

- Simplified development: Getting started is easy. New language features in C# 10 reduce the amount of code you need to write. And investments in the web stack and minimal APIs make it easy to quickly write smaller, faster microservices.- Better performance: .NET 6 is the fastest full stack web framework, which lowers compute costs if you're running in the cloud.- Ultimate productivity: .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 provide hot reload, new git tooling, intelligent code editing, robust diagnostics and testing tools, and better team collaboration.

One of the most exciting is .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI). It is a cross platform framework for creating native mobile and desktop apps with C# and XAML. Using .NET MAUI you can develop applications that can run on Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and windows.

.NET Core is a new version of .Net framework, developed by Microsoft. It is an open-source framework for developing windows, web applications, services, and mobile applications and it can be run on Windows, Mac, or Linux. .Net Core application can run on both .NET CORE and traditional .NET Framework (.NET framework 4.x). It is completely rewritten from scratch and it was initially launched as .Net 5 but then it was renamed to .NET CORE 1.0.

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There's a ".NET Runtime" and a ".NET Desktop Runtime" - please ensure you've installed the ".NET Desktop Runtime" and not the other. The .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.6 installer can be found here: -us/download/dotnet/thank-you/runtime-desktop-6.0.6-windows-x64-insta...

Now I have downloaded and reinstalled/"repaired" complete ArcGis Pro, which was finalized without any complaints. Starting the Programm ist still refused pointing to a missing .NET Desktop - which IS available and installed.

In the command above, the %WINDIR% is path to your Windows installation, what is typically C:\Windows or C:\WINNT. Note that you can keep %WINDIR% as this environment variable should be set on your system to point to the Windows folder. The Framework needs to be replaced by Framework64 to register the assembly for use from 64-bit applications.2 On 64-bit systems, you should generally register the assembly both for 32-bit (such as old versions of Microsoft Excel) and 64-bit applications. The is version of .NET framework to register the assembly with. It is recommended to use the latest available, what currently is v4.0.30319. You may however use any framework version from 2.0 (v2.0.50727) up. Note that framework 3.0 and 3.5 do not ship with RegAsm.exe. For these versions use RegAsm.exe from 2.0.

If you happen to remove the newest registered assembly, without unregistering it first, you will not be able to instantiate classes from the assembly, no matter that you have older versions of the assembly registered too. You need to download the version, you have removed, again and unregister it. Exact physical location of the assembly, when unregistering, does not need to match the original location of the removed assembly (as long as the versions match).

The Accord.NET Framework is a .NET machine learning framework combined with audio and image processing libraries completely written in C#. It is a complete framework for building production-grade computer vision, computer audition, signal processing and statistics applications even for commercial use. A comprehensive set of sample applications provide a fast start to get up and running quickly, and an extensive documentation and wiki helps fill in the details.

Strategy and template method patterns help you swap learning algorithms quickly. Create, build and compare different approaches without delving too deep in code. Check a list of works that have been made possible with the framework .

Stackoverflow is continuously monitored for new questions containing the "Accord.NET" tag. Ask your new question and mark it with this tag, and it will be answered in a minute by the framework authors and the user community.

Note: If you would like to ask questions concerning the framework itself, such as questions on "why" something was done in a particular way, suggestions and general discussions, do not use Stackoverflow - please refer to the project's issue tracker and mark your issue with the "question" tag instead. For bugs and feature requests, please also use issue tracker. If the project has been useful for you, please consider helping us improve the wiki. Thanks!

Due to popular demand, you can also acquire a non-exclusive license over individual parts of the framework under particular terms. Although the framework is free and will always stay free, some companies may feel safer to use the software if they have signed a proper license agreement allowing them to do so. Please send a mail to if you think your company would fit in this case.

The .NET Framework family also includes two versions for mobile or embedded device use. A reduced version of the framework, the .NET Compact Framework, is available on Windows CE platforms, including Windows Mobile devices such as smartphones. Additionally, the .NET Micro Framework is targeted at severely resource-constrained devices.

.NET Framework 3.0, formerly called WinFX,[48] was released on 6 November 2006. It includes a new set of managed code APIs that are an integral part of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. It is also available for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 as a download. There are no major architectural changes included with this release; .NET Framework 3.0 uses the same CLR as .NET Framework 2.0.[49] Unlike the previous major .NET releases there was no .NET Compact Framework release made as a counterpart of this version. Version 3.0 of the .NET Framework shipped with Windows Vista. It also shipped with Windows Server 2008 as an optional component (disabled by default).

For the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 there is also a new variant of the .NET Framework, called the ".NET Framework Client Profile", which at 28 MB is significantly smaller than the full framework and only installs components that are the most relevant to desktop applications.[57] However, the Client Profile amounts to this size only if using the online installer on Windows XP SP2 when no other .NET Frameworks are installed or using Windows Update. When using the off-line installer or any other OS, the download size is still 250 MB.[58]

On 28 July 2009, a second release of the .NET Framework 4 beta was made available with experimental software transactional memory support.[66] This functionality is not available in the final version of the framework.

If your workflow relies on NuGet for package management, you can take advantage of the packages that we describe in this article. There is no need to download and install the Document Processing libraries by using other methods.

Learn Entity Framework using simple yet practical examples on for free.Learn Entity Framework DB-First, Code-First and EF Core step by step.While using this site, you agree to have read and accepted our termsof use and privacy policy.

The latest version of ArcGIS Pro requires a .NET Desktop Runtime of 6.0.5 (x64) or higher to operate. To resolve the issue, you will need download and install the .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.7 Windows x64 as shown in the below screen shot.

Update to ArcGIS Pro 2.9 Patch 5 (2.9.5). The patch is available to download from My Esri. ArcGIS Pro 2.9 must be installed prior to installing any ArcGIS Pro 2.9 patches. Each patch is cumulative of all previous patch fixes.

Update to ArcGIS Pro 2.8 Patch 8 (2.8.8). The patch is available to download from My Esri. ArcGIS Pro 2.8 must be installed prior to installing any ArcGIS Pro 2.8 patches. Each patch is cumulative of all previous patch fixes.

A cross-platform and open-source framework, .NET Core is best when developing applications on any platform. .NET Core is used for cloud applications or refactoring large enterprise applications into microservices.

You can update your .NET version using the direct download links given below. Installing the latest version of .NET will automatically replace the older, stable version. However, if you have a preview version installed as well, no changes will be made to it.

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Download PDF from report templates and filtered data within a database using service endpoints (aka Reports Module). With the api/Report/DownloadByKey, api/Report/DownloadByName endpoints, you can download data from ReportDatav2 containers stored in your database.

Download BLOB data stored within a database using service endpoints (File Attachments Module). With the api/MediaFile/DownloadStream endpoint, you can download data from FileData, MediaDataObject, Image or byte array properties declared in a data model.


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