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Fun & Creativity


Messy Play & Crafts

Messy and creative play such as painting, sand and water, sticking, junk modelling and lots more!

Dressing Up

I have a selction of dress up costumes and outfits, for your little one to step into a different character or unleash their inner hero!

Movement & Outside Play

Children will have daily outdoor play benefiting physical and mental health. I also do a children's yoga session to develop coordination, body awareness, breathing techniques and relaxation. There will be trips out to various places too such as local parks, woodland areas & the library


Various age appropriate games & activities such as; duplo, lego, jigsaws, games, books, small world including; cars, trains, dolls, sylvanian families, happyland, play kitchen/shop/cafe/ice cream shop. 


As a keen baker myself, baking is something the children can get involved with, learning vital life skills. Not only is it an activity they love, it is also very educational!


I have a range of musical instruments for your child to unleash their musical talents with.

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